Koh Kradan

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Powdery white sand and crystal clear water

Koh Kradan is the jewel and most beautiful island in the Trang’s archipelago of islands which is why it was chosen for the annual underwater wedding ceremony held around Valentine’s Day each year since 1997. In an area of 600 acres, and under the jurisdiction of “Hat Chao Mai National Park” since 1981, which has kept it underdeveloped, keeping Koh Kradan one of those islands that has stayed unchanged. A few resorts started popping up along the coastline, but there are only 8 resorts that cover the whole island. Koh Kradan really is just an island with no shops, no roads, no vehicles making any noise, no village, banks or ATM machines. The most striking feature of Koh Kradan is its powdery white sand, and its crystal clear water that permits a great view of the coral reef underneath that stretches from the beach and around the whole island.
A variety of colourful fish inhabit the shallow waters and is a sanctuary of placidity on one of Thailand’s untouched islands. Glistening white sands, ocean waters of crystal clear blue hues, an array of vibrant flora, a selection of uniquely intriguing fauna, and a picturesque tropical place to stay at Kradan Island in the Reef Resort, which is just a short boat ride from Trang of the south-westeren coast of Thailand.

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